« Deux Antiennes »
(Two antiphons)

for brass quintet

Composer : Edith LEJET

Year of composition : 1978

Duration : 8'30 [1) 4'15; 2) 4'15]

Commissioned by the “Orléans Musical Weeks” in 1978 for the Ars Nova Quintet.

Creation on December 3, 1978 in Orléans, St Pierre du Martroi, by the Ars Nova Quintet, composed of Georges Barboteu, horn; Bernard Jeannoutot, trumpet; Jacques Lecointre, trumpet; Camille Verdier, trombone; Elie Raynaud, tuba.

Two movements:
1) "The mountains will distill sweetness"
2) "Rejoice and tremble with joy."

These biblical verses, rich in meaning and poetry, are a call to hope. They are commented on by music, without any Gregorian reference.

This is a text from the liturgy of the First Sunday of Advent: in 1978, it was precisely Sunday, December 3, the date of the creation.

Here is the full text:
1) "The mountains will give out sweetness, and milk and honey will flow from the hills, alleluia".
2) "Rejoice, daughters of Zion, and tremble with joy, daughters of Jerusalem, alleluia".

Edith Lejet