« Améthyste »
« Amethyst »

This nine-minute long piece, dedicated to Jean Thorel, was composed in 1990 at his request, for his chamber orchestra « Stringendo ».
It concerns a twelve-string group (
Although there is no soloist, this piece has kind of a concerto aspect, due to the instrumental treatment.

It divides into two parts :
- The first one, almost from beginning to end, develops a long incantation-like song.
In the row it is confided to the first violin, the first viola and the first cello
- In the second one, these three instruments are associated to form a sort of trio, which, from time to time, becomes quartet or quintet, and are treated in opposition to the remaining instruments.
The sequence begins with the statement of a complex nine-pitch chord in narrow position and characteristic rythmic stamping.
After an intermediate stage in its vertical spreading, it will contrast with a very large chord which is the exact inversion of the initial one.
The melody will develop between these two similar chords : the closed one, the opened one. One can remark that the intensity, the volubility and lyrism of the music increase while the ambitus is also growing.
All along the piece, melody and harmony play a major role.
As far as the title is concerned, it was chosen for the beauty of the word, without taking semantic reasons into account.

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