« Bruit de l'eau sur de l'eau... »

for 2 violins


Dedicated to Sarah and Deborah Nemtanu

Composition in 2009

Duration : 4 minutes 40

Commissioned by Trans'Art

Publisher : Henry Lemoine


At the origin of the project :

Hervé Corre de Valmalète, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the "Flâneries musicales de Reims" festival.

Fist performance :

July 10th, 2009, at Bazancourt (near Reims), church Saint-Rémi, by Sarah and Deborah Nemtanu.

Comments :

This work was inspired by an extract from Paul Claudel's "Hundred sentences for fans" ; the title is a part of one of the short poems :
"Noise of water on water, shadow of a leaf on another leaf".
In Claudel's work, the calligraphy of every short poetic evocation, generally linked to nature and gardens, is supposed to adorn a refined Japanese fan.
The violin, as an instrument, has been fascinating many generations of composers. Its appeal is still to be exploited, because it has a huge potential, and is capable of displaying lyric faculties as well as refinement and elegance. Two violins giving way to all sorts of echos and auras, one can think that this kind of duet can give a good musical translation of the Claudel's image. It is not an imitation of the nature, but an emotional transposition.