« Cérémonie »

Duration : 4 minutes

is a short piece, composed at Claude Delangle’s request.
The number of musiciens required is unspecified ; it is intended to be played by a group of saxophonists from ten to whatever number.
Even beginners can participate in the concert.
The group can be exclusively composed of Alto Saxophons. Nevertheless Soprano, Tenor and Baritone instruments can take part in the performance.
The Baritone Saxophons will sound an octave lower.
The piece is conceived in five voices, which become six before ending, when the lower one divides into two.

There are three distinct parts.
1st part :
A tone cluster of very small ambitus gradually fans out, while its intensity grows.
As soon as the culminating point is reached the music breaks up.
This episode is mainly characterized by the staccato obstinate semiquavers.
2nd part :
It begins with the statement of new elements aimed at becoming the background : they are very short melodic clauses which follow on from each other within a limited ambitus, with canonic treatments, the time between entries being short and uncontroled. Two other strata, conceived likewise, superimpose their own melody.
On this very fluid and smooth texture, a dialogue takes place between the lowest and the highest voices.
3rd part :
With a strong beating, this vertical and rhythmic episode will lead to the final paroxysm.

Publisher : Henry Lemoine