« Chemins croisés »

Crossing paths

for Celtic Harp



Dedicated to Anne Ricquebourg and her students

Composition in 2015

Duration : 2 minutes 40

Commissioned by "Communauté d'agglomération Grand Paris Sud-Ouest" for the music conservatories, specially the CRR of Boulogne-Billancourt.

Creation :

Harp exam, end of first cycle - June 2016

Publishing :

Billaudot publisher.

Commentary :

An episodic humming on four notes (D-E-G-A b) is heard in the background of this music.
In the foreground, one can remark an ascending gesture, rather solemn, made of phrases which from low register will cover the whole extent of the instrument. They are characterized by double sounds and regular flow and will be gradually subjected to a crescendo and accelerando. In contrast, another element, flexible, melodic and expressive, draws descending curves. These curves arise from two fixed notes, C # -B b, which stubbornly come again several times as a signal.
Two evolutions therefore happen in opposite directions, and take paths which intersect. A game of echoes is established from these components and puts them in perspective. This work requests from the interpreter a palette of colors as diverse as possible.