« Métamorphoses »
for harp

To Francis Pierre

This piece was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture for students of elementary or medium level.
It makes use of contemporary techniques (moderately), and proportional notation (one compartment per second).
Francis Pierre gave lots of technical and pedagogical directions, which were taken into account. It was Francis Pierre who had already introduced Luciano Berio when he was composing his « Sequenza ».
The piece may be played on a 40 string harp. However, thanks to the « ossia », one can play « Métamorphoses » on a 47 string harp and benefit a better resounding relief (as it is the case on Catherine Michel’s CD).
It is not tonal music. Here the music, of modal character, is naturally supported by seven-note scales : the wish was not to centre the purpose on difficulties linked to the pedal system.
The performer must turn his attention to everything about phrasé, tone-colour, articulation, dynamics and, generally speaking, on what concerns contrast and expression.
The title refers to the gradual metamorphosis undergone by the initial scale, which is modified pitch class by pitch class, so that the piece is supported by a scale in perpetual evolution.

Publisher : Transatlantiques