« Etude pour octuor de violoncelles»

Study for eight cellos


Composer : Edith Lejet
Composition in 2019
Duration : 5 minutes
Commissioned by the Conservatory of Music and Dance of Laon
Creation : Saturday, February 8, 2020 in Laon


This piece was not designed for educational purposes. However it is accessible to good students at the end of the second cycle, as well as to third cycle students.
Of modest dimensions, it aims to release a positive message of beauty and emotion.
It looks like a sustained song, seemingly very free, that might be perceived like an improvisation. In fact its writing, in search of fluidity, must comply with very strict requirements. It is therefore elaborated with great care.
The general harmonic color emanating from this music is closely related to the melodic unfolding.
Often the scale offered by the succession of natural harmonic sounds achievable on the cello is exploited.
In the course of the piece, one can note some rather dramatic episodes.