« Quatre Pièces en Duo »
for double bass and piano

To Gaston Logerot
Total duration : 5 minutes

This work was commissioned by the « Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris » (CNSMDP, the Paris Conservatory) to be the compulsory piece at the June 1995 Conservatory competition of double bass.
It is divided into four short pieces, conceived to assess, in term of virtuosity and musicality, the level of already committed to the profession bass players.
The double bass part, which stretches out from low to high pitch, is not only an exploitation of regular registers in use in the orchestra music : generally speaking the instrumentalist is confronted with multiple difficulties.
The music, often made up of delicate small strokes, uses a large variety of playing modes and attacks, and unfolds within a refined and poetic context of impressionist character.
The piano part is not simple accompaniment but is equivalent to the bass. Each part makes use of specificities of their proper sound universe. Sometimes they are very close and resemble each other, sometimes they apply themselves to showing their differences off.

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