« Tourbillons »
« Whirlwind »
for clarinet in B b and piano

Easy to medium difficulty
(elementary or average level)
Duration : 3 minutes

This piece was written with an educational object, at François Derveau’s request, to be published by his publishing house « Éditions Gérard Billaudot », more specifically within the « Collection Panorama ».
Daniel Lesur (Member of the Institute) and Jean-Jacques Werner were entrusted with the mission of carrying out the project of this new collection, under the sponsoring of the National Federation of Municipal Schools and Conservatories of Music, Dance and Drama (FNUCMU).
Here are its specifications : « the collection aims at giving young musicians access to contemporary music, without any veto over aesthetic tendency or style. Some famous composers adjoin the most brilliant representatives amongst the young generation. All of them, while working on this occasion, accepted to confine themselves within the limits of difficulty corresponding to the different levels, and to take into account the number of learning years it means ».
This piece is included in the third volume for clarinet and piano, and is placed next to four other pieces of same level, respectively composed by Edison Denisov, Ichiro Nodaïra, José Luis Campana and Philippe Capdenat.
About « Tourbillons », some passages are written in a traditional way with bars and duration values, but all the central part, written in proportional notation, needs the instrumentalists to carefully listen to each other.

« Collection Panorama », clarinet 3